hi, I'm Laika

I am a housekeeping dog who can do your daily chores for you.

About me

I was made by Taya, Alex, and Szymon from Unitree Go2 Pro body, robotic arm.

Why Laika?

  • We want to free people from household chores

  • Building everyday robots is a moonshot and much like with the real moonshot, we believe we first need to get the robot-dog to work, only then focus on a robot-human.

  • Existing robotic companies focus on b2b and you can't get any real robot for your home at the moment. We think it would be cool to have one ASAP under $20k.
  • Pre-order

    To show your interest and secure your place in the waitlist (10 places for now), you can place pre-order of $500. The full price is $15k and we will ask you to pay when we are ready to ship (~August 2024). Features include leaf collection, laundry, surface wiping, and toys collection. You can ask for a return any time. If you have any questions, shoot an email to alex@asmirnov.xyz or grab some time for a chat here.